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Convert SX Tracks to Stunt Quarries or Nationals

Screen shot of ASCEdit 3.0

The SX to National conversion process requires seven components.

  1. A 1016x1016 TGA file needs to be created.
  2. A 504x504 TGA file needs to be created.
  3. A 257x257 ASC file needs to be created.
  4. A grey scale displacement map to combine with the 1016x1016 texture, so that a final texture can be rendered using programs like POVRay.
  5. A Quarry or National .TER file needs to be created
  6. A Quarry or National .SCN file needs to be created
  7. A Spline path needs to be created. ( I recommend Throughput's Spline Editor)

The 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th requirement are done by ASCEdit 3.0. As part of the conversion process it builds the 1016x1016 TGA file required, by using the SX textures. This texture can then be rendered using POVRay (freeware), to create a nice looking texture with shadows. The resulting 1016x1016 can then be reduced to create a 504x504 texture, using a paint program like Paint Shop Pro.

Screen shot of ASCEdit MakeTexture output Screen shot of Final Rendered Texture

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth requirements are also done by ASCEdit 3.0. It combines all the 17x17 SX ASC files into a single 257x257 National/Quarry ASC file. It also generates the .TER and .SCN files. At this time the only ability you have to edit the ASC is by putting a Supercross style ASC at any position or using an option to fix the edges of the ASC in case you have overlayed a warped ASC file. You can also use this to load a warped ASC and then generate a displacement map of the warped track.

Screen shot of ASCEdit Ver 3.0

The final component is creating the Spline, I would recommend using ThroughPut's excellent spline tool. I have decided not to release the automated spline generator.