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The Dirt on Stone Point Round 1

DirtTwister takes a lap around Stone Point Round 1

Tips on riding Stone Point Round 1 from Scawn7

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   DirtTwister takes a lap around "Stone Point Round 1"

Stone Point Round 1 starts out the MotoCareer Supercross Series 1. There are 3 Supercross series in the game. The first series consists of 3 SX tracks (Stone Point Round 1, Manchester Round 1, and Fort Dodge Round 1).

This track is the easiest of the SX tracks in Reflex, but don't let that fool you. Even easy becomes hard when racing against others. The faster the track, the more small mistakes cost you. This track has plenty of opportunities for small mistakes, from the kink in the first straight that may put you in the Tuff Blocks when you land the triple, the super sandy straight after turn 6, the long whoop section after turn 8 followed by a big triple into another kink. to finally the extremely tricky turn 11 that leads you into the finish line jump.

This track has many options that work very well, rhythm sections that have at least two fast rhythms, and even a big triple that lends itself to double-double on the last straight if you find yourself eating the dirt in turn 9. There are 3 nice rollers conveniently placed after the triple to soften that last double if you have to do the double-double.

As a track maker I have always tried to make tracks that work when you aren't up to speed. I have hated tracks that had giant jumps and no reasonable line if you didn't make it, or tracks that caused tremendous momentum loss if you got out of rhythm with them. To me, a good track has several fast lines and multiple options that help you either get back up to speed or gives you options if you are slightly off pace. This track does well in both cases and provided just enough stuff to trip you up so that even if you win in a runaway it probably wasn't flawless.

The Start

It's a slight uphill out of the gate as you go over a mound that is between the last straight and the exit to turn 6. It's a bigger mound then you think. I have included a picture looking back at the start from the top of the mound and looking back at the mound from turn 1.

When the gate drops you race up over the mound and as you go down the backside of the mound you are racing over the exit to turn 6 and then across the entry to turn 6. At the startAs soon as you get to the edge of what is turn 5 you start the slight downhill into turn 1. It's a very smooth run into turn 1 with a slight berm on the outside.


Turn 1

Turn one is about a 75 degree right hander. This turn definitely feels like it funnels in right at the end and you are immediately hit with a small jump at the holeshot line. This is where chaos happens at the start of an online race. Anyone that stays tight to the inside of 1 but doesn't complete their turn, will jump across the track at an angle taking out several riders. The takeoff for this uneven height saddle with a short takeoff and mini delayed landing is only a few Tuff Blocks out of turn 2.

At the start, the little kickup is probably not enough to kick you over the top cleanly or to clean the farthest away landing area. Try to be as clean as possible here, and head for the takeoff of the tiple into turn 3. When you come back by here the next time this will be a quad.

If you get through clean on the start, hold on it won't settle down until you are on your way to turn 5.

Turn 2

It is best to stay to the right of the jump at first and when at speed on the later laps just be sure to head to the right of center on takeoff. Turn 2 really is a slight turn to the right heading into the triple. It is easy to get too close to the Tuff Blocks on the left when landing the triple.

At the start the track is a little rutted to the right and left, along this stretch It may be a little softer here and easy to get a shake going on if you are in the ruts. The AI will end up polishing the center of the takeoff of the triple.

Turn 3

Turn 3 is a 90 degree turn to the right. The toughest part here is either jumping too far to the left and getting into the Tuff Blocks or jumping too far and landing on the flat. If you do jump too far then be prepared to have to recover quickly with your Reflex control.

You should be able to decide your line over the next jump, while you are still in the air. Based on where you are and where your competition is make your decision and setup you landing based on that choice.

As you leave turn three you are better off heading to the right, if you have been clean and have your momentum. The jump from turn 3 to turn 4 has two options. The right hand side of the takeoff will give you a lower (faster) trajectory if you have the speed for it. If you have been messed up by other riders or clipped the bails then you are probably better off on the left. If you have to take the left at speed then you probably should ease up before taking off so you don't over jump or go too high and waste time.


Turn 4

Entering turn 4 there is a step down delayed landing that if you clear you will be setup perfectly for turn 4 if you don't you will hop a little and it will waste time. This is a great turn to rail around the high side. I usually have to lift a little to stay on track.

This is almost a 180 and I tend to go from left to right on the exit to setup for turn 5, making it about a 190. Upon exit you are heading for an easy double. Where you are on the takeoff of the double depends on the line you want in the next turn. Plan ahead.

I have some pictures of the right of this turn on the 1st lap and after 19 laps.



Turn 5

It's an easy hop from 4 to 5. Turn 5 is a not quite 90 degree left hander and how you take it and the speed you have will be key to setting up the rhythm section that follows.

I prefer the left side takeoff so I swing wide on entry and then cut inside to hop a small double and then triple-double, If I go right I then to triple-double-double, but spend more time in the air. With more speed this line is a triple-triple-single. You have to love a track that several options that work.


Turn 6

Turn 6 is a fast 180 degree turn and a berm will build up on the outside. You just go around at top speed. If you are cutting under others on entry you will probably have to lift until you get matched up with the berm.

The stretch from 6 to 7 is a soft sandy mess. You will go through it 20 times without a problem and then you will hit it and look like you have never ridden through it before. The less steering you do the better. Pick your line and go for it.


Turn 7

Turn 7 is another fast but tighter 180 degree turn where berm also builds up on the high side. The first jump down the next stretch has two options. The right side has a lower takeoff then the left. Depending on how you made it through the sandy section pick your line based on which takeoff you want to use and who you are racing. The next rhythm section works well with either takeoff.


Turn 8

Turn 8 is similar to turn 6 but tighter and exits onto whoops. These whoops will byte you. You need to angle across them to the left because you need to setup up for turn 9 and the final leg to the finish.


Turn 9

Turn 9 is a not quite a 180 it opens up a little because the triple leads to a right kink to get you back to the finish line. It's really important to setup for turn 9 because it's tight, but you want to keep your speed up so you can clean the triple that you hit upon immediately exiting turn 9. Be careful about going too far to the left you want to aim for the middle of the landing so that you allow for the right hand turn.


Turn 10

Turn 10 is a kink in the middle of the final straight. It is right after the triple's landing and before the much smaller triple of rollers . Try to be smooth stay on the ground as much as possible to power down the straight.

Turn 11

Turn 10 is a kink in the middle of the final straight. It is right after the triple's landing and before the much smaller triple of rollers . Try to be smooth stay on the ground as much as possible to power down the straight.



The launch across the finish line is key to having a controlled turn 1R. It is very easy to be too far to the right or left, or jump too far.

Turn 1R

This is a very easy turn that is also about 75-80 degrees. How you do here is really controlled by how you did in turn 11. Once you have landed and made the turn you head out over the berm that is there for the start turn 1 and you are heading for another lap.

   Scawn7's - Riding Tips for Stone Point Round 1

Turn 1 - Stay tight off the start to block the inside, but make sure you get lined up for a straight jump or you just end up jumping off the track, and possibly taking out other racers on your left.

Turn 3 - Land the triple and go for the inside if you know nobody is right behind you. Taking the inside line towards turn 4 keeps you lower and gives you a chance to line yourself up, plus you can touch your rear tire accrossed the tabletop to keep your speed up instead of floating over the outside jump.

Turn 4 - It's not necessary to stay on the outside of this turn as you don't need max speed to clear the upcoming double, but it is a safer line in case someone comes inside you.

Turn 5 - Land the double here and it's your choice. If you go to the right you can triple/triple/single. If you take the inside (my preferred path) you can double/triple/double.

Turn 6 - Stay to the outside to keep speed up for the upcoming sand section.

Turn 7 - Another choice here. If you stay wide and take the outside line, you can triple/triple. The inside line is a lower and potentially faster double/double/double. Either way, you want to be to the right side of the track before turn 8 and the inside line puts you in position for that without cutting someone else off.

Turn 8 - Stay outside for max speed heading into the whoop section.

Turn 9 - Again, stay outside for speed heading into the triple. If you know you have enough speed, let off a little. Over-jumping is slow, but not as slow as casing the jump.

Turn 10 - Land the triple and ease to the right while staying on the left of the straight.

Turn 11 - A tricky flat turn that is very important to keep traction because it leads into a big jump. Unless you stay wide, you won't get straightened before hitting the jump. Lose traction and you case the double, costing you precious time. The better you take this turn and launch, the easier turn 1R is going to be.

Turn 1R - Land the double and crank it to the right. The outside is almost too fast as it will cause you to over-jump and end up out of rhythm. Try to stay centered or inside.

DirtTwister takes a lap around Stone Point Round 1

Tips on riding Stone Point Round 1 from Scawn7

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