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Valley Ride

Creator's Comments

I've been playing with this track for a long long time. It started out with me wanting to make a really big jump. I usually don't go for that but I figured it had been a while since I had some big jumps. I also wanted to make a tall track and have some major elevation changes. Last spring I had the track mostly done but I was having a hard time getting one section the way I wanted it. It also was begging for the ability to make the track slippery in places.

Along came Laurie (mcm2boys) who released Dillo Too, along with the ability to have traction zones. Thanks Laurie. That let me do what this track was begging for.

I finally cleaned up a few loose ends on it and I'm ready to release it. This track has a couple of hills on it that you need to back off/drag the brake as you go over the top of them. There are several slippery areas where you really need to keep the bike above 35 MPH or so. If you don't, be sure to pull back on the stick to weight your rear tire or you won't make much forward progress. The finish line jump is a triple. If you don't think you can make it then you can double-single, or take the safety trail on the right.


Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

Track Style:


Installation Instructions


Use WinZip to unzip the ENV file into your MCM2/TERAFORM/NATIONAL folder.

Track Information

Track Title: Valley Ride
Designed by: AMA_DirtTwister
E-Mail Address: 
Design Team Twisted DIRT

Track and Team Details

Stock MCM 2 objects
Website: DirtTwister
Twisted DIRT
Difficulty of Track: All Levels
Graphics/Textures: Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)
Team: Twisted DIRT
Testers: Twisted Dirt
Program(s) Used: Armadillo
Dillo Too
MCM 1 track editor
Paint Shop Pro
Objects Used:

Copyright / Permissions:

Copy all you want, give to who ever wants it, just send this readme along with it! Just don't sell it for profit, because this is original work by Twisted D.I.R.T. Yes it's ok to make CD's and distribute for a small fee as a service to the MCM community.


Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

Release Date: , Nov. 24, 2002