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Twisted D.I.R.T.

Designers of Intense Race Tracks

Team Rooster
Randall (AMA_Pop455) Justin (AMA_Kip66) Heiko (CBro_ForzaDolor)
Scott (X_racer) Kent (X_Kobra) Bruce (AMA_DIRT Twister)
Jeff (VRT_MCMnut) Zack (MotoZack) Jesse (JMS)
Fraser (Fraser) Pete (GDI__Bulldog) Steve (X_WFO)

Sunday Ride

Creator's Comments

I have been working on this track off and on for a long time. My main concept was a nice Sunday ride on an old dirt road. I wanted a track that had a lot of air and was fun to ride with bikes of all sizes. Because of the crash physics of MCM 2 I had to back off a lot of what I originally had done. This track is fairly forgiving and you can get some pretty good air on it.

I worked a lot on trying to get the AI to ride it and I was not successful. You should be able to lap all of the AI within 5 laps. If I could get them to stop doing stunts it would be much better for them. An AI lap consists of stunt crash, stunt crash about seven or eight times a lap.

As I approached the end of working on the track. I tried a lot of different textures trying to capture the dirt road effect with grass growing down the middle. This was the best I could come up with. I'm sure there are people that could do better, but within the limitations of the 960x960 texture size this was the best I could do.

If you like to explore, throw this track into practice mode and take a spin around the outer edges of the track. You should find some interesting things to jump on, in, or over. Just follow the hay bales with the arrows.

If you like stunts, then put this track in your quarry folder also. Do stunts while riding the track or head on over to the bus jump and follow the ramps until you get to the two pairs of ramp to ramp jumps. The smaller ramp to ramp should be taken at about 45 mph and the tall near vertical ramp to ramp should be taken around 52 mph. Practice jumping ramp to ramp and when you have that down start doing stunts.

If you want to try that ramp that has the detour sign on it, be sure to hit it at about 95 mph.

I hope you enjoy.

Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

Track Style:


Installation Instructions


Use WinZip to unzip the ENV file into your MCM2/TERAFORM/National folder.

Track Information

Track Title: Sunday Ride
Designed by: AMA_DirtTwister
E-Mail Address: 
Design Team Twisted DIRT

Track and Team Details

Website: DirtTwister
Twisted DIRT
Difficulty of Track: All Levels
Graphics/Textures: Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)
Track Designed by: Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)
Team: Twisted DIRT
TD - Testers: Scott Moffitt (X_xracer)
Jesse (JMS)
Justin (AMA_Kip66)
RKip (AMA_Pop)
Kent (X-Kobra)
Karl (X_Budderbean)
Keith (TNT_Gravy)
Chuck (WFO_HoundDog)
Pete (GDI_Bulldog)
Jeff (VRT_MCMnut)
Fraser (Fraser)
Steve (X_WFO)
Program(s) Used: Armadillo
Paint Shop Pro
MultiObject Assistant by Jeff (MCMNut)
GenSLT by AMA_DirtTwister
Objects Used: Standard Objects by Rainbow Studios
Ramps by fraser
Twisted DIRT hay bales by JMS
Signs by JMS
Signs customized by AMA_DirtTwister
Construction Time: 60 hours

Copyright / Permissions:

Copy all you want, give to who ever wants it, just send this readme along with it! Just don't sell it for profit, because this is original work by Twisted D.I.R.T. Yes it's ok to make CD's and distribute for a small fee as a service to the MCM community.


Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

Release Date: , January 1, 2001