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Randall (AMA_Pop455) Justin (AMA_Kip66) Heiko (CBro_ForzaDolor)
Scott (X_Xracer) Kent (X_Kobra) Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)
Jeff (VRT_MCMnut) Zack (MotoZack) Jesse (JMS)
Fraser (Fraser) Pete (GDI_Bulldog) Steve (X_WFO)
Keith(TNT_Gravy) Karl (X_Budderbean) Marc (X_McD)
Mike (mike_mccue) Boyd (Maui_cool) RyanN (AUS_ROCKET)
Thor (X_Mayhem) Chuck (X_HoundDog) Randy (X_radRD)

Jolly Roger MX Park

Creator's Comments

This is a track located in Lempster, NH. It is a track that has an interesting feature and that is a jump called the "Intimidator". It is a blind jump out of a 180 degree turn. The trick of the jump is that if you jump short you will land on the shallow slope before the landing area and then have to jump down to the flat. If you jump a little farther but not quite far enough you will land with your rear wheel on the shallow slope pitching your front wheel down to the steeper slope and you will end up in a pile at the bottom of the hill. If you jump too far then you will most likely have a devasting wheel and bone breaking landing on the flat before the bridge. There is a narrow range of perfection that will have you landing on the steeper short landing area about a 100 feet or so from the takeoff. I've tried to capture this in MCM 2. All though I've never jumped the Intimidator I have had several conversations with people that have both successfully jumped it and unsuccessfully jumped it.

For more information on the track you can go to the Joly Roger MX Park web site. If you are in the New England area you should definitely visit the track and support Marco. He definitely puts a lot of effort into making a great place for everyone.

Since I first got MCM I thought this track would be a good one to try to make. I just never got around to doing it. Until the abiltiy came to make larger area tracks there really wasn't a way to do it in MCM. About two years ago I met MXDirt and we talked about this track. I told him that I was interested in making it in MCM. A year ago Digger (Mike Degaetano/MX29) contacted me about making Jolly Roger for MCM 2. I visited Marco and Marco said he would send me some topograhic maps of the track. I started to make the track but it was tough laying it out and without the topo's I never got the terrain right. I put it aside and I never ended up getting a hold of a topographic map.

Early this year Dave Daylor from NEMX (New England MX) contacted me about re-creating some of the NEMX tracks in MCM 2. This got me fired up again and I started back on the project. This time I was able to get aerial photographs and a topograhic map. I layed out a rough track path on top of terrain and had Dave and Digger check it out.

Things went well and with Digger's advice I made a combo version of Jolly Roger. Marco has been making changes to the track. The version I created has some older features and some newer features. For example an older feature is the first triple. That has now been reduced to an easy double. I kept the triple in my version. The first bridge that you go under used to be reversed. You went over the bridge and then came back around under it. Now you go under and then come back around and go over it. The bridge was turned 90 degrees. My Jolly Roger has the new configuration for the bridge.

One unique feature of Jolly Roger is the life guard stands around the track with the umbrella's on top. I showed a picture to Mike McCue and a day later he had whipped out the ones included in this track. Thanks Mike for creating these.

Another unique feature is the "Intimidator" sign as you climb up to the jump. I finally started looking into object creation and created the sign for this track.

I'd like to thank the head of NEMX Tom, Digger, and Dave for the detailed testing they did and to the other NEMX members that tested Jolly Roger.

This track has been ready for a while and I have been very busy doing other things. I was a little disappointed in myself for not releasing this track, but it seems there was a good reason for delaying. That reason is Dillo 2. I want to thank Laurie ( for spending the time it took to create Dillo 2. In just a very short time I was able to use Dillo 2 to add object shadows, add the 30 second start guy, and to add a couple of animated objects.

I hope you enjoy.

Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

Track Style:


Installation Instructions


Use WinZip to unzip the ENV file into your MCM2/TERAFORM/National folder.

Track Information

Track Title: Jolly Roger MX Park
Designed by: AMA_DirtTwister
E-Mail Address: 
Design Team Twisted DIRT

Track and Team Details

Website: DirtTwister
Twisted DIRT
Difficulty of Track: All Levels
Graphics/Textures: Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)
Track Designed by: Marco - implemented in MCM 2 by Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)
Team: Twisted DIRT
TD - Testers: Scott Moffitt (X_Xracer)
Jesse (JMS)
Justin (AMA_Kip66)
RKip (AMA_Pop)
Kent (X-Kobra)
Karl (X_Budderbean)
Keith (TNT_Gravy)
Chuck (WFO_HoundDog)
Pete (GDI_Bulldog)
Jeff (VRT_MCMnut)
Fraser (Fraser)
Steve (X_WFO)
Marc (X_McD)
Mike (mike_mccue)
Boyd (Maui_cool)
Thor (X_Mayhem)
Chuck (X_HoundDog)
Randy (X_radRD)
Program(s) Used: Armadillo
Dillo 2
Paint Shop Pro
Objects Used: Stock MCM 2 Objects
Cat by fraser
Lifeguard stands by mikemccue
Intimidator sign by AMA_DirtTwister
Construction Time: 60 hours over two years

Copyright / Permissions:

Copy all you want, give to who ever wants it, just send this readme along with it! Just don't sell it for profit, because this is original work by Twisted D.I.R.T. Yes it's ok to make CD's and distribute for a small fee as a service to the MCM community.


Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

Release Date: , July 14, 2002