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Ironman MX Park


While working on the StepUp 2 plugin I met Randall Kipker (AMA_Pop455/RKip455) and his son Justin (AMA_Kip66), they helped me test the plugin and tracks. After creating Joy Of SX, I was working on my utilities and still doing research on making Nationals. I was about half way through converting Baatk's Backyard and Pop asked me to show him how to make Nationals. I gave him my current version of my SX conversion tools and I explained how they worked. The real meat of doing it though is working on it just like everybody else does that makes Nationals. There is quite a steep learning curve. He had just created two SX tracks with StepUp 2, Ironman MX Park and Chandler Mtn (they are available in StepUp2 Track Pack #4). He asked me if I could convert them for him. and help him make them as a National. I converted them raw and gave them to him. I had Baatk's Backyard available for testing, so I played with some terrain stuff with Ironman to show Pop how you easily you can make the SX track pieces blend into the terrain. He liked it and asked me if I would do Ironman and show him how to do Chandler.

Through several e-mails and test sessions he explained how the track really was and I interpreted it. The result was the national Ironman MX Park.


I like how it looks natural and I believe it's SX track origins are pretty well hid. If I had never mentioned that I could convert an SX track I don't believe anyone would be able to tell by looking at it. I like the offset Starting line. The downhill terrain after the giant double-triple combo makes you search for the right line to take the next set of jumps. Will you be able to Quad, triple-single, or will you have to settle for a double-double. The big sweeping right hander tests the MCM game engine and your patience as you try to find a smooth fast line around. The next sections are tight and tough when going bar to bar. Good rhythm is required to go fast through here. You can't just go WFO.


MCM's ability to handle rough terrain. I personally don't like a lot of the silky smooth MCM tracks. Does anybody really ride on a track like that? I have never seen one. The spline. I tried to make a spline that eliminated cutting. I think I accomplished that, but there are a few areas where you can be on the track surface and get called back. I learned a lot from doing the spline for Baatk's Backyard and I wish that I had known it when I did this spline.


This track represents what I believe is a natural looking and feeling National. It's on the easy side as real Nationals go, but I believe it captures reality well. I have gotten several excellent comments from people that have ridden the real track.