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Hang Time

Description of Track:

You've discovered it. The secret test track of the suspension manufacturers. Here in the middle of nowhere, nestled in some rolling hills is a track that few know about.

It has excellent qualities for exercising the suspension, tires and frame to the max. If your up to it, take your bike out for a test ride. Maybe someday you will be able to be a test rider. Be careful though, it's a test track for the helmet manufacturers also.

So head out for some laps on the track affectionately known as Hang Time.

Creator's Comments:

My goal was to create a National that has hills, multiple lines, technical sections, and at least 3 jumps with 5 second hang time. There are at least 5 jumps where 5 second hang time is possible.

If you're having a problem overjumping or underjumping a certain place then try something different. Don't be afraid to pick a different line or drag the brake as you go up the face of the jump. Maybe angling up a jump face might help. I have tried to make many subtle differences in the jump faces and track surface. So don't get in a rut and be sure to try out the whole track.