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Hang On


One of the features that I added to ASCEdit was to let you overlay an SX track over existing terrain. I wanted to exploit that capablility in my next track. I created an SX track that had some jump combinations that I liked and then I created a terrain displacment map that I wanted to use.

I converted the terrain displacment map to an ASC (using TGA2ASC), I loaded it up in ASCEdit V2 as a base ASC, and then I converted my SX track overlaying the terrain. This is what I ended up with.

I then looked at the track that I had and tried to visualize how to best utilize the MCM grid area. I tried to picture what the track could look like with a few more turns and stuff. So I cut, pasted, and rotated the pieces into different positions and ended up with this.

It sounds a lot simpler than it is, but it is definitely a lot easier than trying to do it with just an airbrush. The first problem that I ran into was trying to work at scale that this track is done at. Each step of color value becomes much bigger. A normal Rainbow tutorial style track has a height of 15, which is 45 feet. Each color value has a height of 2.11 inches. Hang On has a height of 55 or 165 ft. Each color value increase has a height of 7.7 inches, so it's a lot tougher to be smooth. Especially on shallow angles, like when you have a flat area and it slopes up into a berm.


Some nice momentum killing uphill jumps. You really need to be perfect on a 250 to make it up the first hill with momentum. The tallest jump has a little valley just to the left of center. If you aim for that it will help you clear it without losing speed. The next uphill also has some momentum killing features. I like a challenge and it is a challenge to keep your speed up. I love the downhill whoop section. Timing must be perfect to make the turn in the middle and the turn at the bottom. I also like the two jumps back up to the top. The first one has a maybe I'll make, it maybe I won't, sort of feel to it. How well you do depends on the results of your previous experience on the downhill. I like the way the dropoff turned out. I tend to coast over the edge and try to catch a little bit of the downhill slope. The track is named after this dropoff and the downhill whoops. So you better do what it says. This section of the track will have you standing on your head more than once.

The last two straights before the finish are a challenging set of triples. 5 of them. To make them all is tough. You need to work the track to make them. The first triple is crutial to setting up the moementum for the second. Jump too far and you won't have enough speed. Don't jump far enough and you won't have enough speed. It will take the right landing from the first triple and full pre-load to make the second triple.

The last stretch of triples are best started out on the left side. Jump the first set of triples, starting to move from left to right. Hit the next set, just to the right of the peak of the jump. Jump moving from left to right and hit the next set just to the left of the peak of the jump. If you go down the middle you will most likely triple-double-double-double or triple-double-double-single-single. Unless your AMA_Coop then you can probably triple-triple-triple both sides and the middle.

This track has a very friendly spline, letting you get a little wild like climbing the side of a hill or jumping to the right too far on the dropoff. You will notice that you are not the first to go down there.


Still too rough in places. This track is one big compromise. The textures could be better. When I tried to make them more "MCM perfect" I didn't think they looked natural enough. I compromised with the more rugged look. I try to make my tracks challenging and the textures are secondary to me. The jumps should have probably been made easier on the first uphill.


This was a frustrating track for me. I spent a lot of time on this one and I had it out for testing in more configurations than any other track that I've done. My frustration was more related to MCM capabilities (ie. resolution) than anything else. I believe I got 95% of what I was trying to accomplish, so I will be happy with that.