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Clough Hill

The goal - create a National that follows natural terrain, twisting and turning, with a lot of stuff that MCM doesn't like (jumps in turns. twisting uphill turns, blind jumps).

I built it the same way that you might on a real piece of property. I surveyed the terrain, marked my track, cleared it, and test rode it.


I painted up some terrain, compiled it and and then I rode around it and decided what might make a good track. I roughly layed out a trackpath on it and rode it again. I then burned the track path into the terrain using the standard Rainbow tutorial technique for making tracks on hills. I rode it around that way and gave it out to a few testers. I rode it and let the track tell me where the jumps should be. I got some excellent feedback from Crusader and I implemented his suggestions.

It has a lot of things that the MCM engine doesn't really like but for some reason it seems to work on this track. There is a lot of twisted turns and off camber stuff. It runs fine on my P200, so I think it should be good for everybody.

The 2nd double on the 2nd straight is makeable.

For some reason I got a lot of comments on my National Hang Time about it being too warped. It thought that was an odd comment because the way I had designed it was to warp a flat piece of terrain until it was what I wanted I then put a track on it. I did then up the warping a little bit more, but I could have made the same track without warping it. I chose to use warping as an easy way to get my terrain.

This track is not warped, so it can't be too warped. :)