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Randall (AMA_Pop455) Justin (AMA_Kip66) Heiko (CBro_ForzaDolor)
Scott (MMP_Xracer) Tim (ARL_Anakin) Bruce (AMA_Baatk)
Troy (AMA_King) Jason (TNT_Guru250) Irv (NJK_BlackRose)
Tom (ARL__Magoo__) Pete (GDI__Bulldog) Bryan (RST__Metz)
Todd (NJK__Tikka)

Centrum Arenacross by AMA_Baatk

Creator's Comments:

In November I went to the arenacross at the Centrum in Worcester, MA. I tried to make a replica of it, but was unsuccessful. The real track had a flat starting line straight with a broad sweeping left hander into the whoops.

When I made the track that way, it was possible to just take the whoops flat out and jump the whole darn thing. I tried several techniques to slow the bikes down and settled on adding a triple on the front straight and a big giant speed bump in the turn, so brakes are required.

I also changed the jump before the last turn. It doesn't look exactly like the real one, but it rides more like it. The real one had the 125's taking it as a double-double. A few brave soles would triple-single. The 250's could easily triple-single, but it seems that for passing it was sometimes better to back off and double-double it so that you carried more speed through the turn. If you had a ton of speed and were brave enough I suppose you could have cleared the whole darn thing, but it would have been hell making the turn.

Since there was so much room left over in the grid, I included a different variation of the track. I call the one that is close to the real Centrum track, Centrum Arenacross Friday, and I call the one that I include as an extra, Centrum Arenacross Saturday.

This is the first track that I have used the Kip's technique for making dozer tracks. I did them a little differently, but they basically use the same technique.

I hope you enjoy it.


Installation instructions:

Copy the contents of this zip to your MCM\teraform\national folder. Where MCM is the drive and directory that your MCM.EXE is located in.

Twisted D.I.R.T. Track Information

Track Title: Centrum Arenacross
Designed by: AMA_Baatk
E-mail Address:
National Release #: 15th National

Track Details

Plugin: StepUp2SX
Difficulty of nat\plugin: All levels. Go as fast as you can and jump as far as you dare.
Graphics: Textures: Bruce (AMA_Baatk)
Sky Cube: Bruce (AMA_Baatk)
Track Piece's: Created by Bruce (AMA_Baatk)
Special Assistance (Twisted D.I.R.T.): Randall (AMA_Pop455)
Justin (AMA_Kip66)
Tim (ARL_Anakin)
Scott (Mmp_Xracer)
Heiko (CBro_ForzaDolor)
Troy (AMA_King)
Jason (TNT_Guru250)
Irv (NJK_BlackRose)
Tom (ARL__Magoo__)
Pete (GDI_Bulldog)
Bryan (RST_Metz)
Todd (NJK_Tikka)
Special Testers: Team AMA
Paint Program: Photo Shop
Paint Shop Pro
Program(s) Used: Rainbows Tools
ThroughPuts MCMSplineEditor
3D Studio
Photo Shop
Paint Shop Pro
SkyWalker by AMA_Baatk
Misc. Perl Scripts by AMA_Baatk
Construction Time: 30+hours


All of us here at Twisted D.I.R.T. hope that everyone enjoy's our tracks, and we invite any and all comments, but please keep them clean!

Special Thanks to:

The whole Twisted D.I.R.T. team for everyone's suggestions and criticism's. Keep them coming.

My wife Fay for putting up with me and the time I spend on MCM.

Copyright / Permissions:

Copy all you want, give to who ever wants it, just send this readme along with it! Just don't sell it for profit, because this is original work by Twisted D.I.R.T. Yes it's ok to make CD's and distribute for a small fee as a service to the MCM community.


Twisted D.I.R.T.