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Baatk's Backyard


When I started converting tracks, I attempted to do some very specific things. I made a couple of different test things and never released them. When I got serious about releasing a track I started on my favorite StepUp 2 track and I decided that I could actually do the things as a National that I could only see in my head when I made it as an SX track. On this one the track didn't change much, but the scenery sure did.


I like everything about this track. I think it requires good timing all the way around and it's quite raceable. I particulary like the rutted out whoops and the long jump to the stepup on the second straight. To me the scenery adds a lot to it and I wish I could put trees all the way around the main grid. I liked how the rocks being part of the track turned out. I have riden in many areas around here (New Hampshire) where this is the case. Rocks can be very slippery when wet or with loose sand on it.


It's not real. I wish I really had a track like this in my backyard (I'm jealous RonRon). I don't really have any cons for this one. It came out just the way I wanted it to. My only complaint is that you don't splash when you go through the water. One reviewer wanted bigger jumps (Taco_Bill).


I believe this is a good representation of an SX practice track. I enjoy it and I have had many good races on this where the lead has swapped back and forth.