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Twisted D.I.R.T.

Designers of Intense Race Tracks

Randall (AMA_Pop455) Justin (AMA_Kip66) Scott (MMP_Xracer)
Tim (ARL_Anakin) Bruce (AMA_Baatk) Troy (AMA_King)
Irv (NJK_BlackRose) Tom (ARL__Magoo__)

Baatk's ArenaCross by AMA_Baatk

Creator's Comments:

I wanted to create a track similar to an ArenaCross track. ArenaCross is run in not much more space then a hockey rink. So I made a stadium track consisting of only 4 straights. I wanted something short, but with plenty of room to race on and challenging enough that it is hard to make the perfect lap every lap. I wanted opportunities for mistakes that didn't cost a lot, but would lend itself to good racing

This should be a good track for racing. There are several combinations possible on all the jumps. The fast line over one set of jumps may hurt you on the next one. It's your job to find the best line.

Since the TRN files are so small, I thought I would rough up the track and include a 250 Main version of the track.

Installation instructions:

Copy the contents of this zip to your MCM\teraform\national folder. Where MCM is the drive and directory that your MCM.EXE is located in.

Twisted D.I.R.T. Track Information

Track Title: Baatk's ArenaCross and Baatk's ArenaCross 250 Main
Designed by: AMA_Baatk
E-mail Address:
National Release #: Ninth National

Track Details

Plugin: StepUp2NatTD
Difficulty of nat\plugin: All levels. Go as fast as you can and jump as far as you dare.
Graphics: Textures: Bruce (AMA_Baatk)
Sky Cube: Bruce (AMA_Baatk)
Track Piece's: Created by Bruce (AMA_Baatk)
Special Testers: None. Since this is a tournament track for ARL.
Paint Program: Photo Shop
Paint Shop Pro
Program(s) Used: Rainbows Tools
ThroughPuts MCMSplineEditor
3D Studio
Photo Shop
Paint Shop Pro
SkyWalker by AMA_Baatk
Misc. Perl Scripts by AMA_Baatk
Construction Time: 30+hours over 20 days


All of us here at Twisted D.I.R.T. hope that everyone enjoy's our tracks, and we invite any and all comments, but please keep them clean!

Copyright / Permissions:

Copy all you want, give to who ever wants it, just send this readme along with it! Just don't sell it for profit, because this is original work by Twisted D.I.R.T. Yes it's ok to make CD's and distribute for a small fee as a service to the MCM community.


Twisted D.I.R.T.