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Design Goals:

The SX design goals are listed below. The main thing I'm interested in seeing is excellent technical tracks. It's all about riding and racing. All skills should be needed for the best laps on your track. The more realistic it looks the better, but a pretty track that lacks technical merit will be scored low.

  1. No WFO tracks. Use of brakes is required.
  2. Multiple lines/rhythms of equal speed.
  3. No big killer jumps without some kind of alternate rhythm being available.
  4. Tracks need to be designed for all levels of riders. No Pro-only tracks.
  5. Raceability is what it's all about. Plenty of opportunities for small mistakes while minimizing the possibility of the big mistakes.

Track Evaluations:

I will be testing and rating the tracks myself. I will be enlisting some anonymous helpers to help me race test.


Only tracks released after 11/24 are eligible. Only one entry per creator per category. It is ok to team up when making a track, but that track is the only track that can be submitted. All tracks must be G-rated.

Track Submission:

  1. Jan 15th - Upload deadline - Try to upload well before this date to avoid problems.
  2. Jan 25th - Announcement of results.


  1. $25.00
  2. $15.00
  3. $10.00
The top 15 entries will receive a CD with all of my tracks and utilities. Including some unreleased tracks.


The contest is over and you can see the results here.