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03/07/2011 09:44:07 PM - Utililty for working with Displacement Maps   - posted by dirttwister

An excellent plugin for DarkBasic Pro called Blitzwerks Terrain has got me playing with a utility to assist in getting 8 bit grayscale displacement maps ready for use in Reflex. This utility is based on a demo that comes with the plugin.

The purpose of the utility will be to smooth the dispmap, which when working in 8 bit ends up stair stepped at 1024x1024 or 2048x2048. If it is smoothed at a higher resolution and output to a 24 bit BMP file where the 24 bits are used as a 16 to 24 bit elevation value then the stair steps can be eliminated.

First video just demos flying around and toggling the wireframe:

The second video demos leveling off the terrain using a 1st person view:

The third video demos creating a path through the terrain where the path is made level across the path but follows the elevation of the terrain:

90 percent of the functionality you see is part of the plugin or DarkBasic Pro. Right now you can get DarkBasic Pro with a ton of plugins for $49.00 and the Blitzwerks Terrain plugin is $40.00 US.

Dark Game Studio Bonanza (which includes DarkBasic Pro)

Blitzwerks Terrain

Bruce (DirtTwister)

03/06/2011 06:00:17 PM - A couple of videos of testing stuff in Reflex   - posted by dirttwister

The first video is from when I accidently discovered how to enable wet textures in Reflex:

The 2nd video is a simple oval test to see how the Reflex bike responds to minimal traction. I used this to test the Zone files and drag/slip zone files.

Bruce (DirtTwister)

01/30/2011 09:02:56 PM - Making Tracks for Reflex   - posted by dirttwister

I posted some videos at Twisted D.I.R.T. of some early experiments making tracks for Reflex.

I am looking forward to seeing what awesome tracks the MX vs ATV Reflex community will be able to make. There are still many many details to work out, so be patient.

Bruce (DirtTwister)

01/15/2011 02:00:08 AM - MX vs ATV Reflex Tracks and Track Maps for Moto 448 and Fort Dodge Round 1   - posted by DirtTwister

Moto 448 and Fort Dodge Round 1 track info are now available.

The next two tracks will be Prairie Valley and Kingston Round 1.

MX vs ATV Reflex --> The DIRT

Bruce (DirtTwister)


01/08/2011 06:10:45 AM - MX vs ATV Reflex Track Maps for Sugar Ridge and Manchester Round 1   - posted by DirtTwister

Sugar Ridge MX and Manchester Round 1 track maps and track info are now available. Scawn7 has included with his track tips for Manchester Round 1 a video showing what I would call a perfect lap.

Also all Track Maps for the 10 National and 10 SX tracks have been posted.

The next two tracks will be Moto 448 and Fort Dodge Round 1.

MX vs ATV Reflex --> The DIRT

Bruce (DirtTwister)


01/02/2011 07:28:10 AM - MX vs ATV Reflex Tracks and Track Maps   - posted by DirtTwister

Ever since MX vs ATV Reflex has been released for the PC, Twisted D.I.R.T has been exploring it. I really like the terrain deformation and I would love to make tracks for it. Twisted D.I.R.T. is doing what we can to try to make that happen.

In the mean time I have been taking a closer look at the tracks that come with the game. I decided that I would post info on each track. Over the next several weeks I will be putting up a track map for each track, what I think about the track, a lap around the track from my view point, and riding tips from Scawn7. The first two tracks are Lost Meadow and Stone Point Round 1.

While these tracks are old news to the console players, they are new to me and PC players.


The next two tracks will be Sugar Ridge MX and Manchester Round 1. Those should be up by Thursday. I will be doing a National track and an SX track each week. I will be going in the same order as the MotoCareer. Thanks to everyone at Twisted D.I.R.T. (keep up the hard work) and Scawn7 for contributing his time and sharing his tips.

MX vs ATV Reflex --> The DIRT

Bruce (DirtTwister)

09/20/2006 08:19:25 PM - MXU tracks released for MX vs ATV Unleashed   - posted by DirtTwister

Through the hard work of Laurie and Fixer the MXU tracks are now available at Twisted D.I.R.T.

Laurie got the ball rolling and Fixer stubbornly brought them all to life. I hope everyone appreciates the amount of work that went into getting them to work properly in MVA. My hat goes off to Laurie and Fixer.

Bruce (DirtTwister)

01/22/2006 08:25:26 PM - MX vs ATV Fog Editor   - posted by DirtTwister

I saw where people are having frame rate issues with tracks that the creators didn't edit the fog (or they have the fog starting out too far).I figured I would throw together this utility to let people edit the fog in tracks. It doesn't edit what you type in so if you get to experimenting you may make the track not work.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Bruce (DirtTwister)

01/20/2006 05:45:29 PM - MX vs ATV Unleashed TRack Map Bug Fixer   - posted by DirtTwister

Here's my first utility for MVA. This will fix the Track Map Bug. It is a temporary fix. The real fix should come from THQ/Beenox/Rainbow.

All user made tracks have the same file name for the track map. It appears that the game only reads the one from the first track. This program will rename the National_Mapxxx files to a name that is based on the track name.

You can get it here:

Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

11/30/2005 11:50:44 PM - MX vs ATV Unleashed announced   - posted by DirtTwister

There is some great news coming for MCM/MCM 2 lovers. It appears that we'll finally get a much needed update. MX vs ATV Unleashed is coming to the PC. Check out this post in the forum. I can't wait to convert some of my tracks to this.

PR: MXvsATV coming to the PC and PSP


12/26/2004 03:32:50 PM - Merry Christmas from Twisted D.I.R.T.   - posted by DirtTwister

Have you ever been playing MX Unleashed on your Playstation 2 or XBox and wondered what it would be like to ride that same track in MCM 2? or race online with 7 others? Well wonder no more. Twisted D.I.R.T. through the tireless efforts of Laurie (mcm2boys), Jeff (MCMNut), and Bob (fixer) have made this a reality.

In order to enjoy these tracks you need to update your RES files. The link brings you to the first screen that explains what to do. Follow the instructions or they won't work.

MX Unleashed for MCM 2

Merry Christmas from the TD crew.

10/30/2004 02:34:44 PM - Track Creators   - posted by DirtTwister

I got an interesting e-mail from someone recently asking about track makers. They are interested in hiring. The catch is you have to relocate to Phoenix. That makes it impossible for me. I hope the lucky individuals hired are from the MCM 2 community. I will be recommending a few tracks makers that meet the requirements.


07/24/2004 02:19:08 PM - Twisted DIRT forums now available.   - posted by DirtTwister

Because of problems with the TD Server and it's recovery, we have lost several months of forum data. We have decided to start a new forum and make the old forums (Original and YABBSE) available as archives that can be searched.

The new forum is the latest version of YABBSE (now called SMF).

The new forums will require everyone to re-register. At this time we have decided not to restrict registrations. If we have problems like we had in the past we will ban those individuals and put restrictions on who can get at the regular forums.

Sorry for the delay in getting back up.

Bruce (AMA_DirtTwister)

01/01/2004 01:42:52 PM - TD WhipLash   - posted by DirtTwister

This track I almost threw away two years ago. I didn't delete it, but I didn't go anywhere with it. A couple of months ago while cleaning up my hard disk I tried it out again. I figured I would apply a few techniques to it that I had learned and drop it's height down. Everything just fell into place and I started to like it. I raced with a few TD members and I kept moving forward with it.

Almost every jump in this has to be taken with caution. You can't go flying full throttle over the jumps, flying over with brakes on is the norm. There are at least two jumps that will have you testing how far you can lean forward before falling off. I love whipping through the valley with 3 or 4 other riders and then, later on in the lap, simultaneously doing the vertical jump. I think some times it pays to let something simmer for a while, even if it is two years.

I decided to save this one to start off the new year. Here's to a great 2004.

Click on the image to download it.


12/31/2003 06:03:43 PM - Saddle Country   - posted by DirtTwister

It's been a while since I released a national. Here's is one that I've wanted to release for a while.

This track actually started out with playing with parts of my Sunday Ride track. I was experimenting with moving portions and getting them to line up using the "Level" function in PSP. It started to turn into something that I liked and I got to have OCR_Occicide and McD test it and watch them tear it up. As part of watching them I made some changes and add two new SX like stretches to the track.

I've tried to create multiple lines and it can be easy to crash as you throw your bike out there to go for the more difficult jumps, but once you get in the groove it can be quite fun to race on it.

Click on the image to download it.


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